The Detroit Lions appreciate the media’s interest and investment in covering the Lions throughout the year. Please observe the following media policies and guidelines. Non-adherence could result in the revocation of media access.

Media Policies - Downloadable PDF



Media must request and receive approval for credentials in advance of arriving for media availability. By accepting credentials, members of the media acknowledge and accept the terms set forth in the 2017 Lions Media Policies and Practice Reporting Guidelines. All accredited media must display credentials during any media session, press conference and training camp at the team’s practice facility in Allen Park.


Photographers and television camerapersons will be permitted to shoot only during the designated portion of individual drills. A member of the Lions’ Football Communications staff will assist during practice times.

  • All photographers (still and video) must avoid shooting wide shots of practice and groups that possibly could show formations or strategic alignments. Photographers may focus on tight shots of individual players and smaller groups.


  • No LIVE REPORTING, POSTING ON SOCIAL MEDIA ACCOUNTS (tweeting, snapchating, etc) or BLOGGING during any practice closed to the public. This policy begins upon entry into either the Lions indoor or outdoor fields.
  • Per NFL Media Policy, during training camp practices open to the public, reporters are allowed to report (tweet, blogging, etc.) newsworthy events. Live reporting is subject to the team’s practice reporting guidelines.


PRACTICE REPORTING: The media must adhere to the proprietary nature of open practice opportunities, and reporters will not be permitted to disclose those occurrences in either print or electronic news stories. If there is a question regarding what is considered "of proprietary nature," media should follow up to clarify with Lions Football Communications.

  • Reports pertaining to strategic and tactical information are strictly prohibited. This includes: referencing plays run or game strategy, including trick plays or unusual formations.
  • During OTAs, Mini-Camps and Training Camp (public practices), reports on player participation with respect to individual units (first-team, second-team) should be based on general observations. Quantifying players’ individual repetitions or description of personnel groupings/sub-packages (goal line, offense, nickel defense, etc.) is prohibited.
  • Reports may include non-strategy and non-game plan observations.


  • Once the team enters “regular-season” mode, media may not report strategic player participation involving personnel groupings, sub-packages or formations. Additionally, media should not report on players practicing at positions differing from the previously established roster, depth chart or previous in-game line-ups. Any question regarding strategic and or proprietary issues involving coverage of practice should be made directly to a member of the team’s Football Communications staff.


Reporting, recording or filming private team communication, meant solely for the team, is strictly prohibited. This includes any communication between practice personnel (players, coaches, team executives and staff).

  • Examples: post-practice team huddle, communication occurring during practice and private team communication occurring post-practice.
  • Video captured during practice may not include interactions and (audible) conversations among practice personnel.


  • All questions regarding injuries should be directed to Head Coach Jim Caldwell.
  • Media should not report on injury situations occurring during practice with detailed speculation to potential nature, severity of the injury or level of practice participation. Acknowledging an injury occurred is permitted with general detail (i.e. foot injury, wrist injury, hand injury), but anything beyond a general report would be purely speculative and possibly inaccurate.
  • Post-practice reports on player participation during practices open in its entirety (OTAs, mandatory mini-camp, training camp), should be general in nature (i.e. player X did not participate). Further inquiries on details should be directed to Head Coach Jim Caldwell.
  • Media reporting on general player participation during practices that are not open in their entirety should qualify reports with “…during portion of practice open to media.”) Any suggestion of player participation beyond the open portion is speculation and could be inaccurate.MEDIA ACCESS TO PRACTICE FACILITY AND LOCKER ROOM

Accessing secured areas of the team’s practice facility (indoor field, hallway, locker room, etc.) and outdoor field is for the purpose of viewing practice and conducting interviews.

  • Media should not report, photograph or post on social media information posted on any walls, monitors, etc. The same restrictions apply to any equipment. Permission to shoot elements of these areas outside of interviews and practice footage must be approved in advance by Lions Football Communications.
  • Access to the locker room is for the purpose of conducting player interviews. Taking photos and shooting “b-roll” are not permitted. Video obtained from cell phone cameras should only include footage of player interviews. Still photographers are not permitted in the locker room.
  • Due to the many media attending weekly media availabilities and the unique aspects of the locker room setting, access to the locker room is reserved to accredited full-time, professional media members (no interns). Only media performing a working function will be admitted access during open locker room sessions.


With the recent emergence of several live broadcasting social media applications, please see below for the club’s policy for live streaming at the team’s headquarters and training facility in Allen Park as well as Ford Field.

The existing NFL and Lions media policy pertains to all media availabilities, events or activities on the team premises attended by media through credentialed access. This advisory serves as a reminder due to recent technology and applications that have made live-streamed broadcasts widely viable for individual operators (including, but not limited to, Periscope, Facebook Live, YouTube, Ustream, etc.).

  • Accredited media outlets may not broadcast live on club premises (Allen Park Headquarters and Training Facility/Ford Field) by an individual or media outlet without prior approval from the Detroit Lions (this includes the use of social media applications).
  • In accordance with the NFL Online Content Policy, any content (live or otherwise) gathered through credentialed access may not be archived online for longer than 24 hours and must be limited to 90 seconds in length per day.


  • Credentialed news organizations (newspapers, local TV stations, magazines, regional and national sports networks) are permitted to use up to 90 seconds per day of video and audio content (combined) of interviews or press conferences with NFL employees (including, but not limited to, players and coaches) or of team practice footage for online use.
  • Video and audio content may not be used live and may be archived for 24 hours. Video and audio content can not be permanently archived.
  • All third-party media using interview, press conference or practice footage either in video or audio form must include links to NFL.com or Detroitlions.com regardless of footage source. (Ex: For more information, go to www.NFL.com or www.Detroitlions.com).
  • Video and Audio content can only be used in an editorial context (i.e., as links or sidebars to illustrate stories) and can not be presented in separate multimedia sections of third-party websites.
  • Integrated ads are not permitted. Video and audio content may appear on pages with banners and contextual ads, but ads may not be specifically related to the NFL video or audio content.
  • Online video and audio usage policy is effective for gamedays and weekdays (mini-camp, OTAs, training camp and regular season practice week).
  • There is no limitation of "talking head" audio and video content of reporters that does not include practice footage, press conferences or interviews with NFL employees.


  • Outdoor Practices: Members of the media covering practice outdoors should enter the practice area using the driveway on the south side of the facility. Reporters and producers observing practice should remain in designated seating areas. Still photographers and TV camerapersons will be escorted to designated shooting areas. Tripods may not be used during outdoor practices.
  • Sandoval Field Practices: Members of the media view indoor practice sessions from the second level balcony of Sandoval Field. Media will be escorted to and from the viewing area by a member of the Lions Media Relations department. Since members of the media must be escorted to the viewing area, arriving prior to the start of practice is highly recommended to ensure complete access to practice. Media will be escorted to field level for post-practice interviews, if scheduled, at the end of the practice sessions. Tripods may be used on the balcony during indoor practices.
  • Please turn cell phones and pagers off or on vibrate mode when entering practice areas. If a call must be taken, please utilize space directly behind seating area.


Any interview requests for Lions Ownership or Executives must be made in advance. Please direct requests to Bill Keenist, Sr. Vice President of Communications and Matt Barnhart, Director of Football Communications.