August 9, 2010
The 2010 Detroit Lions Media Guide is now available as a digital publication and online media resource. To assist the media, the guide can be viewed in an interactive, PDF (bookmarked) format either in its entirety or by section.


Accessing the team’s media guide requires no registration (username or password). To access other sections or pages of, an approved registration (username and password) is required.

Navigation through each available PDF can occur either by using the Bookmark function (typically available on the left side) when viewing PDF files or by clicking on the interactive elements (page headers, page footers or section covers).

Prior to the start of the regular season, an additional digital format of the Lions Media Guide will be launched and updated weekly throughout the season. Following the initial launch, the media guide will be updated to begin the regular season followed by weekly updates that will be available by Wednesday of each game week.

Accessing PDF files: To best utilize this site, it is necessary to open and view PDF files. Adobe Acrobat Reader must be used to view PDF files. To access this software for download, click on the following link:

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Director of Media Relations
Phone: 313.216.4221
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Media Relations
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